Medicine & Clinical Medicine

Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga

MDSP FMUB highly appreciates the results of internal and external audits for the sustainability of the realization and development of service quality programs implemented by MDSP FMUB. Internal audit results are used as correction for the development of service programs run by PSPD FKUB per evaluation period. Besides, the results of internal audits are also used as material and benchmark predictions of further external audit assessments. Therefore, the internal audit results need to be followed up with in-depth and comprehensive analysis, so the results can be used as correct diagnosis and management, and provide a thorough correction and long-lasting improvement effect. The analytical process is carried out together among the relevant parties under the direction of the head of MDSP FMUB. Furthermore, a series of real solutions with predicted measurable results through ongoing evaluations are formulated. The follow-up is also thoroughly socialized, so it can improve all parties understanding including the stakeholders. This is necessary to do to increase the level of public confidence on the commitment and efforts of MDSP FMUB on quality maintenance and continuous improvement. Following these efforts, the external audit results that prove the accountability level of MDSP FMUB from an external perspective are positively responded that can improve the confidence of institution and all MDSP FMUB program implementers for all efforts to maintain and improve the quality of MDSP FMUB program. Thus, the external audit results actually increasingly encourages the spirit of MDSP FMUB to gain recognition at a more advanced level that is the international level by using WFME standard. Therefore, the results of internal and external audits are followed up by increasing the variety of programs and the quality of MDSP FMUB service programs for all stakeholders.