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Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga

Internal and External Auditory Result

Medical Doctor Study Program (MDSP) is committed to improve the quality of education for achieving various service targets of study program that lead to higher level of customers’ satisfaction (stakeholders) especially students. Through continuous internal and external audit processes, MDSP FMUB is self-evident in its commitment through the audit results used as a benchmark for advancing MDSP FMUB services and as an accountability form to the community. The internal and external audit programs run by Medical Doctor Study Program (MDSP) FMUB are intended as a part of self-evaluation process, maintenance, and development of service quality of study program that go in line with the implementation of programs that are the targets of MDSP FMUB.

So far, there were several internal audit processes that have been designed and implemented by following quality audit principles that are objective, informative, comprehensive, and sustainable. Therefore, the results of internal audit are expected to provide meaningful information for diagnosing and managing the efforts to improve the service quality of programs in MDSP FMUB. As an additional value of the internal audit results, the results can also be used as a benchmark for predicting the results of the following external audit. Therefore, the internal audit results become the main information for the sustainability of external audit process as an effort to get external recognition of service quality program that always strived in best practice as a form of appreciation of public trust to the programs of MDSP FMUB.

Internal audit results are obtained from a well-designed audit process by quality control unit of MDSP FMUB and Universitas Brawijaya. As far as the process that has been carried out through AIM (Internal Audit Quality) program from a cooperation between FMUB and UB, the audit results showed good results on the quality of education, research, and service that are the core business of MDSP program. As a proof of its success, in 2011, MDSP FMUB was chosen to represent Universitas Brawijaya in an external audit process pursued by UB with an assessment program using ISO 9001:2008 standard. The quality of MDSP FMUB program services has become more solidified through the actual external audit process ISO 9001:2008 which in the end Universitas Brawijaya obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. The certification indicates the managerial quality that is designed and implemented at the organizational level as executor and person in charge for actualizing university’s work program, and because one of the representations of the assessment was using MDSP FMUB, so assessment result was also applied to MDSP FMUB. Under different work system and service product standard used by BAN PT (National Accreditation Board of Higher Education) as a standard of national level universities, MDSP FMUB has also proven the quality of its service program by successively obtained A accreditation. This proves the commitment and continuous efforts of MDSP FMUB to always maintain and improve the service quality. Moreover, the quality improvement is expanded to the international level by adopting WFME (World Federation Medical Education) as the standard benchmark for the design and implementation of MDSP FMUB education program.