Medicine & Clinical Medicine

Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2016 , by angga


Becoming the Leading, Standardized Internationally and Entrepreneural Medical  Institution to improve the quality of life of society


Developing the Current and Qualified Medical Education,  Research and Community Services to build the future of Nation based on Universal Values

Values : 


Carrying out the duties and authority with full responsibility based on the competency, ethics and formal regulations


shows a high responsibility in the service of each individual in performing the duties and trust which is reflected in service delivery


  • able to develop the recent innovations and leading in the development of  science and technology in medicine, Health, Medical Management and Public Health
  • Responsive and predictive on anticipating the environmental development

Commitment and Togetherness

  • Commitment contains elements of attentions and supports
  • Togetherness describes any awards on the potency of individuals and the realization that organizational success can only be achieved by synergy of togetherness.


  • Excellence gives meaning that the organization should be able to develop the excellence of each individual
  • Excellence is also oriented on institutional effort result which should be able to build not only the institutional advantages but also the pride of the nation
  • Excellence in results must be achieved in a way that is effective and efficient


  • Soul innovative entrepreneur contains elements which are not only business-related but also the development of research and community service


  1. The achievement of the results of the implementation study program in the field of Medical Education in the form of graduates who are faithful , pious , praiseworthy morals , insightful biomedical and medical emergencies , the professional , to be able to compete in a national and international scale .
  2. The achievement of the results of the implementation study program in the field of Research and Community Service in the form of research and scientific work in the field of the latest medical science to be utilized for the development of science , education and service to the community .
  3. Achievement of organizational development and management of the organization and the PSPD be more autonomous governance , healthy , based on information technology and became a national institution that has high competitiveness .
  4. Institutional development co-operation , education and research both at the regional , national, and international levels to accelerate the achievement of the vision / mission.


FKUB determined to implement an integrated working system to provide the best service in order to realize the satisfaction of service users in order FKUB Excellent Service.

Care Ethics:

  • Venturing into a smile, greeting and greetings
  • Compulsory wearing of identification / identity card
  • Be polite to the service users UB
  • Not arbitrary – persecution against service users UB
  • Not justified in providing services while smoking or communicate with mobile phones or other communication devices

The type of service provided by the Medical Education that provide educational services to major clients, such as students. The type of service provided to students such as:

  • Each student get a lecturer Academic Advisors (PA)
  • Students who excel and are less able to have the opportunity to earn scholarships
  • In the process of teaching and learning provided a means of supporting infrastructure such as laboratories, libraries centered, and free hot spot access
  • Transparency of the process of assessment has been carried through announcements to the students about the final outcome assessment courses
  • Each end of the semester passed accreditation forms or student satisfaction with education services, including teaching and learning in the Department of Nursing

To create conditions conducive relationship between the student and the Department held a forum for discussion between the students and the leadership of the Department and a lecturer in the form of hearings