Vision Mission


To become a leading undergraduate study program of medicine with international standard and excellency in biomedical skills; emergency medicine & disaster management; social entrepreneurship & collaborative leadership in order to improve quality of life of the community through continuous innovation in the fields of education, research and community service.


  1. Organizing an outstanding medical education institution with international standard to produce graduates who practice scientific culture and Pancasila.
  2. Organizing medical education institution that produce graduates as agents of development and dissemination regarding medical science and technology through research and community service with excellency in biomedical skills; emergency medicine & disaster management; social entrepreneurship and collaborative leadership to improve the quality of life of the community.
  3. Performing an excellent, equitable, and sustainable higher education management.

Values : 


Carrying out the duties and authority with full responsibility based on the competency, ethics and formal regulations


shows a high responsibility in the service of each individual in performing the duties and trust which is reflected in service delivery


  • able to develop the recent innovations and leading in the development of  science and technology in medicine, Health, Medical Management and Public Health
  • Responsive and predictive on anticipating the environmental development

Commitment and Togetherness

  • Commitment contains elements of attentions and supports
  • Togetherness describes any awards on the potency of individuals and the realization that organizational success can only be achieved by synergy of togetherness.


  • Excellence gives meaning that the organization should be able to develop the excellence of each individual
  • Excellence is also oriented on institutional effort result which should be able to build not only the institutional advantages but also the pride of the nation
  • Excellence in results must be achieved in a way that is effective and efficient


  • Soul innovative entrepreneur contains elements which are not only business-related but also the development of research and community service


  1. To produce graduates who are outstanding and professional with entrepreneurship spirit in order to be able to deal with the national and international competitive challenges
  2. To produce and disseminate latest research in the platform of national and international journals as well as Intellectual Property Rights in the medical field in order to be utilized for development of medical science, education and community services.
  3. To perform community service activities in the medical field and disseminate the scientific results in order to improve the community health status.
  4. To establish regional, national, and international collaboration for institutional, educational, research, and community services development purposes.