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Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga


Competitive Grant research activity of DPP / SPP-FKUB in response to the declaration of tree seed in the FK-UB research that require intensive research to facilitate development of research in the FK-UB. Competitive Grant DPP / SPP-FKUB has emphasis in two ways, namely (1) the theme according to the research tree FKUB determined, (2) more research-oriented pilot studies to obtain funds larger study at the national / international, thereby increasing income generating faculty.

Research themes are expressed as the seed and the tree FKUB research are:

  • stem Cell
  • autoimmune disease
  • Infectious Diseases
  • medical technology
  • herbal Medicine
  • Degenerative Disease and Metabolic diseases
  • growth and development

Research funds DPP / SPP UB Medical research can be done with 1 year old per title and a minimum of Rp 25,000,000.00 and a maximum of Rp. 50,000,000.00. Researchers are asking is Lecturer FKUB staff and students are required melbatkan (in accordance with the provisions). Only the research team were able to meet the targeted outcomes that can propose research next year. For registration revenues next fiscal year research proposals will be opened after the liquid funds in the previous year, in November. The format and requirements can be downloaded for Proposal Handbook DPP / SPP or contact the Secretariat directly UPP (Building Lab. Of Biomedical 1st Floor, ext. 128-84), CP: Isty (085646623342/081232848208).

Information Program Fund Pengmas DPP / SPP

In keeping with the goal of community service programs that enhance the quality of service rendered to the community by making community empowerment FKUB as a pioneer in the field of health, and utilize the results of community service for the development of education, research, and service to the community that became stakeholders. Tim UPPM provide container for pengmas program held every year for UB Medical Staff Lecturers. Short-term program a maximum of Rp. 5,000,000 and for long-term funds provided a maximum of Rp. 20,000,000. Community service program refers Trees Community Service FKUB as follows:

  1. School Health Unit
  2. Achievement of the MDGs through Local Patronage
  3. Disaster and Emergency Management
  4. Degenerative diseases
  5. Herbal Medicine
  6. Health Technology

For terms and conditions for the submission of proposals can be downloaded in community service Community Service Handbook or contact the Secretariat directly at UPPM (Building Lab. Of Biomedical 1st Floor, ext.128-84)