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Written on 9 November 2014 , by admin pend. dokter

Tracer study to stakeholders alumni of the Department of Medical Education FKUB is one empirical study that is expected to provide

information to evaluate the outcomes of education in the Department of Medical Education Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya . This information is used for further development in ensuring the quality of education . With tracer activity is expected to obtain information indicative of a shortage of faculty of the program of study and provides the basics of planning future implementation . Similarly infromasi of relevant knowledge and expertise . The alumni also expected to provide an assessment of the conditions and terms of their learning experience learning period associated with the world of work they face .

For users , the results of this study are expected to be useful to be one consideration of whether they would use the UB alumni in hospitals or in the office. For managers ( Department of Medical Education FKUB ) , expected to be useful for determining the orientation of strategy and education , to improve the technical concept and implementation of education and instruction so that graduates are increasingly becoming better at his intellectual capacity , skills and character and personality . Results of tracer studies for the alumni FKUB stakeholders is also expected to be used as consideration in the development of the quality of the learning process and learning and development management evalausi education . With the continuous improvement of these aspects it is expected that the education at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawaijaya done in an efficient , effective , and productive , and in turn enhance the competitiveness of the alumni of UB School of Medicine Department of Medical Education in particular .

Tracer Study at UB activities have been conducted continuously . Web-based information systems in has been developed so that the respondents ( the alumni ) might contribute and thoughts through the website. Tracer Study of activities that have been implemented to date are based alumni and stakeholders . In order to broaden stakeholder input in terms of tracer , the tracer study detailing activities for these stakeholders have a significant role for the alumni , the company / institution where the alumni to devote his skills . Tracer Study conducted focused on the perception of the performance of the alumni FKUB institutions .

More results can be downloaded:laporan tracer study stakeholder kedokteran